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End of July Update

I ran 202.1 miles during the month of July bringing my 2013 total up to 1021.7 miles. August is my last full month before the Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra Classic so I have an aggressive schedule ahead with around 283 miles planned. Concentrating on an 11:45 – 12:15 average pace this month for the long runs since that is where I want to be at for Hinson.

On to other news, after my weight loss stalled out for the last 8 months or so, I netted a loss of 6.5 pounds in July. That brings my weight down to 179.5 and my total weight loss to 65.6 pounds since June 2011. I still can stand to lose another 15 or 20 pounds and plan to push on until I get down to the low 160 pound range.

This weekend instead of running progressively longer runs like I normally do, I am participating in the Medoc Meltdown 50k (they use the term 50k a bit loosely, as the run is really closer to 35 miles. 35 miles of trails sounds like a pretty fun day to me. Twizlers and soda and junk food oh my… I may even write up a race report.

And remember, run happy, train smart and don’t listen to the voices inside your head that tell you what you can’t do!

Long Run Blunders

My scheduled run for today was a 24 mile run. I chose an out and back on the Neuse River Greenway. The section I chose wasn’t too bad, mostly flat with a few rollers.

I woke up on time, had a cup of coffee but didn’t really feel like eating anything. I had a second cup of coffee and quickly grabbed my gear for the day, not checking that I had everything I thought I did. I filled up my 2 liter Nathan hydration back with water and reminded myself that I preferred my (broken) CamelBak Lobo. The CamelBak just rides better in my opinion. Garmin on, bag in hand, off we go. 0 calories consumed.

On the ride out, I start considering my pace plan for the run and halfheartedly go with 9:30-10:00/mi. Oh wait, kick ass song on the radio so I turn it up and forget what I was thinking about.

Arrived at the trailhead, I unlock my Garmin and impatiently wait for it to find a satellite. Stomach reminds me I didn’t eat, so I open up some Sport Beans and eat them while waiting for my now infuriatingly slow Garmin to do its thing. Finally, 5 minutes (or 30 seconds) later, beep. I hit start and off we go.

Mile 1 starts off like they normally do with a little argument between my brain and legs. Everything eventually clicks after a few minutes and I look at my pace. 8:10/mi. I remind myself to slow down and miles 1-6 are mostly uneventful, and my pace averages out to around 9:45/mi. My stomach lets me know that the snack wasn’t enough so I dig through my bag to see what else I had. Another pack of Sports Beans, a pack of Clif Bloks and 1 Gu. Not much, but it is what I have. I open up the Bloks (Mountain Berry flavor) and kick them back.

Somewhere early in mile 7, I start feeling my IT band tighten up a bit. Ignoring it, I move on. Mile 8 it really starts to bother me, so I stop to stretch it out a bit. I get going again and its just nagging me to stop. I stop and stretch it again, and decide to walk a half mile on it. That just made me more aware of it so I turned back just past 9 miles out. I tried jogging a bit and then decided that a jog/walk would likely get me back to the car. I downed the GU just before mile 10 since I probably needed electrolytes. Miles 9-18.2 my pace averages to 13:20/mi.

Here is what I should have done differently. Eat real food before I left the house, 200-300 calories with at least some protein and fat to keep me from being immediately hungry. Made sure that I had at least 900 -1000 calories (I only had 500 on hand) to eat on the run. Stretch while waiting for my Garmin to boot (and maybe even a few minutes longer than that.) Stop ignoring my body when it is trying to tell me something. As many times as I say many of these things, I keep doing them.

Time to go use my foam roller to try to get the IT band happy again.

Train smart and run happy!

Mizuno Wave Rider Break-in Run

I picked up some new shoes earlier this week as it was past time to rotate in a new pair. I have been running in mostly Brooks Ghost 5 this year but have been feeling like I need a change as they are feeling less responsive than what I would like. I tried a couple of different shoes and decided to go with the Mizuno Wave Rider 16. For whatever reason, this shoe felt perfect during the sidewalk jog test.

I took these out for the first run this morning. 12 miles on new shoes, but it is either that or wait until Tuesday for my next shorter run. They started out feeling good and ended feeling pretty good too. The upper offers a good bit more flexibility when compared to the Ghost 5. The Mizuno upper is less structured which probably leads to the greater sense of flexibility. The midsole of the Mizuno is firmer and felt more responsive than what I had been accustomed to, so for the most part I think I found what I was looking for.

The run today was a fartlek (Swedish for speed play) on the Upper Neuse Greenway starting from the dam. Pacing varied 7:10/mi to 10:30/mi. My Garmin wasn’t happy with the cloud cover today so it took a little over 3 miles before it was actually tracking right even though it acquired satellite signals before the start. Temp was OK and the humidity wasn’t too bad either.