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Medoc Meltdown 50k and Fun Run (Fat Ass)

This is my first time at Medoc Meltdown though I have ran the trails at Medoc before. Medoc Meltdown takes place at Medoc Mountain State Park. I think Medoc “Mountain” is more a hill but that is an argument for another day. The 50k is comprised of 4 8.6ish mile laps on mostly singletrack and jeep trail. For singletrack, it is mostly clear of roots and rocks. Key word, MOSTLY.

Meltdown was my second Ultramarathon and I still have a lot to learn. Most of what worked for me food wise at Boogie did not work for me at the Meltdown. I forgot some of my alternate food choices at home (as well as my extra water) but had remembered the stuff that worked best last time, namely peanut butter sandwiches, Twizzlers and Mountain Dew.

The race started around 7:25 and lap 1 was decent and uneventful. 8.6 miles took right at 1:30 minutes. I didn’t even see any cool wildlife, probably because I was about 1:30 or so per mile faster than my pace plan. That brings me to the first lesson, stick to your pace plan no matter how great you feel. In my quick refuel between laps, I ate a little of everything I brought. Back out across the field and into the woods, I was still feeling pretty good. Mile one of each lap is a net downhill while mile 2 holds the longest hill climb with a gain of 170ish feet.

This was where things started to take a turn for me. All that crap I ate at the aid station was getting to me. This was a new situation since I haven’t had this problem before. Drinking some water, I kept moving forward and within a mile or so, I was back to running bringing me to lesson 2, if it’s too good to be true, don’t do it. After running for a half mile or so, the stomach pain started. It wasn’t like empty stomach grumbling but more like Medoc Man punched me in the stomach. I continued on this walk feel better, run feel worse thing until I was able to get back to the aid station at around 5.5 miles into the lap (figure 8 courses are great). I took on some electrolytes and felt like I could take on the world. Back out for the last 3ish mile portion of lap 2. Had my first wildlife delay of the day as a copperhead was crossing the trail. I snapped a crappy picture with my phone and stopped a couple of runners while waiting on it to cross the trail. After the delay, lap 2 was finished in right at 2 hours. A longer (30 minute) stay at the aid station, complete with a shirt change, and sock and she change. Pretty much out of water, I filled up with well water from the tap at the aid station.

Lap 3 was pretty much a recap of lap 2, but no wildlife delays. The well water didn’t sit very well on my already pissed stomach. Lesson 3, DO NOT FORGET WATER. Somewhere around mile 5 I had enough of the stomach problems. I said to hell with it, finished the lap and tapped out. Total moving time was around 5 hours and 15 minutes, so I managed to average out to 12 minute miles. Best of all, I learned more about how my bod reacts to a kinda longish run through the woods. All in all, not too bad for an August Saturday Morning.