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October Update and quick thoughts about the City of Oaks Marathon

October was an OK month, though I managed to over stress my right Achilles and ended up putting in way less miles than I had originally anticipated. Damn speed work, too much too fast. I ran 1 race, the Medoc 10 miler. Had a great time one again at Medoc.

I ran a total of 90.3 miles in October. That puts me at 1666.8 miles for 2013.

City of Oaks Marathon
I’m keeping this one a little short at least for the time being.

After this past weekend, I can finally officially check off the 26.2 distance. On November 3rd, I ran the City of Oaks Marathon. Unfortunately, my Achilles issues that stemmed from a training run between Hinson and the Medoc 10 Miler weren’t fully resolved even though the discomfort wasn’t present when I hit the line. The pain kicked in around mile 16 and did nothing but get worse through the end. Enough complaints, lets talk about the race.

I really like the course. There were some really nice challenges hidden in there, especially on the greenway portion. From my perspective, it really is a great course as I normally like a little challenge to break things up when things get boring. The nearly 3 mile climb around mile 20 was worth a few happy thoughts. Something that I noticed- between around mile 11 and 24, when we were running the greenway, not a lot of room for spectators, no room for the stuff that peps you up on the run. That was kinda ho hum, but I guess it was a necessity to keep us off the roads for half of the race.

My pace plan was 8:40 – 8:50 and I held that well through the first 17 miles or so. My splits with rank at each: mile 6.2: 235th 54:02, mile 13.1: 238th 1:56:08, mile 20: 330th 3:05:53 Chip finish: 4:26:54 Avg Pace: 10:11 Gun time: 4:27:23 overall place 403. The best thing about having a bad day is that it sets me up to potentially crush my time next go round.

I am glad I finally got over my fear of the marathon and went out and did it.

Remember, run happy, train smart and don’t listen to the voices inside your head that tell you what you can’t do!