End of September Update

September was a good month. I ended up breaking through my 100 km goal at Hinson by around 15 miles. I ran 259.7 miles during the month of September bringing my 2013 total up to 1576.5 miles. I think I only have 1 race for October, the Medoc 10 Miler. October mileage is lower than any of the previous three months as I am starting another build to being 100 mile run ready around March or April.

I have my first marathon coming up in November. Not worried about the distance but I do need to worry about speed. Lots of speed work in those shorter workouts, probably starting next week.

Remember, run happy, train smart and don’t listen to the voices inside your head that tell you what you can’t do!

And I just posted this while out for a run 

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