Mizuno Wave Rider Break-in Run

I picked up some new shoes earlier this week as it was past time to rotate in a new pair. I have been running in mostly Brooks Ghost 5 this year but have been feeling like I need a change as they are feeling less responsive than what I would like. I tried a couple of different shoes and decided to go with the Mizuno Wave Rider 16. For whatever reason, this shoe felt perfect during the sidewalk jog test.

I took these out for the first run this morning. 12 miles on new shoes, but it is either that or wait until Tuesday for my next shorter run. They started out feeling good and ended feeling pretty good too. The upper offers a good bit more flexibility when compared to the Ghost 5. The Mizuno upper is less structured which probably leads to the greater sense of flexibility. The midsole of the Mizuno is firmer and felt more responsive than what I had been accustomed to, so for the most part I think I found what I was looking for.

The run today was a fartlek (Swedish for speed play) on the Upper Neuse Greenway starting from the dam. Pacing varied 7:10/mi to 10:30/mi. My Garmin wasn’t happy with the cloud cover today so it took a little over 3 miles before it was actually tracking right even though it acquired satellite signals before the start. Temp was OK and the humidity wasn’t too bad either.

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